Dusty Toes Llama Drama is my research blog.

I am Jacky Sawatzky, a PhD candidate at York University, Canada and my  research, “How are we to Listen to you , Llama?” investigates llama behaviour through an interdisciplinary approach of animal behaviour science and performance studies.

This research started in with High Park Zoo llamas.  I sat in front of their enclosure and watched. 

A different kind of noticing happened when I started to volunteer at Serendipity Llamas and Alpacas. What ones sees and hears while shovelling poop. Thus in time I have become a master poo shoveler. 

My life  goal is to learn more and more of the llamas (and their family members Vicuña, Alpaca, Guanaco, camel and dromedaries) intrinsic and complex behaviour. With this knowledge create enriching space where llama and human meet, such as llama treks or musical performances.